Life On The Smiley Farm, Long Hair Mini Dachshunds, Weimaraners, Brussels Griffons and Chihuahuas. We also raise Cattle, Goats, Horses and have Horses For Sale and Puppy's For Sale at most all times just call 620-727-0998. All in Sylvia Kansas 25 miles west of Hutchinson Ks.
Life on the Smiley Farm !

Hi, we are the Smiley family !  We live in Central Kansas; about 25 miles west of Hutchinson, KS.  Our lives are filled with many animals and a lot of work !

We have greatly expanded !! I hope that we can meet your puppy needs !!!! We have at least a trio (2 females & 1 male) of each of our breeds now, so we should have at least 2 litters a year of each. We have waiting list for most all before the pups are even here !   

You can also see lots of pictures of us and the puppies on my Facebook Marcella Moeckel-Smiley 




Merry Christmas 2010 From The Smiley"s !!!!!!

Cash and I right after we got home from the Hospital ! Nana and Ditto wanted to help!


This is my Goat herd ! I like the Dairy nannies the best, because they can raise a set of twins and I can still milk them once a day. We use the milk for the puppies and any other orphans we might have. I freeze the milk and then I can use it all year around. Most all of our nannies kid in the winter Dec-Jan.

This past few springs I have been hatching and raised about 1000-1500 chicks ! Most of them I sell when their 2 weeks old.  Other wise the price increases with the age of the chicks. My 3 incubators will hold 288 chicken eggs, each at a time. While in Pennsylvania with some Friends, I was taught how to sex the chicks.  That makes it easy for me to sell them by gender! For the most part it (I) am about 80% effective !







 This was last winter moving

some of my Moms cattle home

to have their Calves.

                        My cows are all pets; they have almost all been family raised, I have bought a few over the past. But most of them we have their mother, grandmother, and some of mine, my parents even had their great great grandmother.

LifeOnTheSmileyFarm, Come see our Family, Puppies for sale, AKC Hunting Weimarener, AKC Chihuahua, AKC Long Hair Dachshunds, AKC Brussels Griffons, Working Red & Blue Heelers and Working Great Pyrenees ;)