Brussels Griffons
We have 3 female Brussels now so we should have 2 litters a year.

We have one Male left out of Tinks and Popper & Spice has a new litter just born 6-22-18


Petit Brabancon   

Smooth Brussels Griffon
The Petit Brabancon is one of three types of Griffons originating from the European country of Belgium.  The other two are the Belgian Griffon and the more commonly known Brussels Griffon.  In some countries they are viewed as one breed, and in others each variety is classified separately.  Griffon actually means wirehaired, so this smooth-coated Griffon was given the different name of Petit Brabancon.

Petit Brabancons are small, toy sized dogs.  They weigh in at only 8-12 pounds and stand a mere 7-8.  Their coat is short and smooth, alike to that of the Pug in texture.  All colors found in the other Griffons are acceptable, including red, black, and black with tan markings.  They have a shortened muzzle and, where allowed, a docked tail.




Belgian Griffon

Griffon Belge
The Belgian Griffon is a toy breed of dog that originated in Belgium.  There are actually three types of Griffons, the Belgian, Brussels Griffon, and Petit Brabancon.  In some countries they are considered one breed, known as either the Belgian or Brussels, and in others each “type” is classified separately.



Belgian Griffons are small dogs that weigh between 8-12 pounds and stand between 7-8 inches.  They have a rough, harsh coat that is either black or black with tan markings.  The Brussels Griffon and Petit Brabancon both have different coat types and colorings.  They have a squished face that has long wiry hair that forms a distinct fringe. Belgian Griffons traditionally had a docked tail, and one that is naturally short, broken, or curly is considered a fault.



The history of the little Belgian Griffon begins in the 1800s.  Belgian coachmen began keeping small terriers called Griffons d’Ecurie in their stables to keep rats away.  They looked like Affenpinschers, were friendly and became widely popular.  These Stable Griffons were crossed with the English Toy Spaniel, which reduced their size and compressed their muzzles.  The addition of the spaniel lines also caused the loss of its terrier instinct to kill vermin.  Eventually other breeds would be added to the mix, which would lead to the Brussels Griffon and Petit Brabancon, however the Belgian remains the closest descendent to the original stable terriers.



The Belgian Griffon is an affectionate breed that enjoys the company of their human family.  They are intelligent and still terrier-like in their personality.  A sensitive breed, they can be moody and even demanding, a dog that truly loves to be spoiled.  Some individuals can be difficult to housebreak.  Belgian Griffons do best with older children, and tend to get along well with other dogs and even cats.


Health and Care

There are several heath concerns for Belgian Griffons, including eyes issues such as cataracts, lens luxations, and glaucoma with old age.  The threat of heat stroke is also common, due to their short snouts.  Some may be born with a cleft palate, which can often be fatal to a puppy, as it is unable to receive nourishment from its mother.  The act of birthing is also difficult, especially if it is a large litter, often a vet must preform a caesarean section.  The lifespan of a Belgian Griffon tends to be between 12-15 years.

Belgian Griffons do well with or without a yard, and are a good choice for apartment life.  They are fairly active indoors, still, like all dogs, they should be taken on a daily walk.

The rough coat of the Belgian Griffon needs to be brushed on a regular basis, although some owners prefer to have it clipped.









Past Puppies !



Tinks Litter One Male Bk Smooth Coat Left at this time $800 Pet $1400 FULL AKC !!