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I raised Zimmie from a colt. I broke her to ride and drive. I have done every thing you can think of with this horse. She is very good to rope off of anything you can catch she will drag in the trailer !  She has been driven single a lot but has also been used to brake colts to drive. The past few years she has just raised colts and been rode off and on. She has had a total of 6 colts in her life, she is a very good mother.  She and had 4  Persheron colts and 2 mule colts all male colts and all black. She is a very pretty blue roan in the summer and almost black in the winter. She is a very self efficient mare, she has NEVER had shoes on and she does not like shots.  She will brake ice to get a drink in a tank or pond. She is the head herd Mare; she is the boss! She also is very good at teaching horses to stand still in a trailer. You put then in the front and then her behind them and she will teach them not to push in to her !  She doesn't like to be pushed around, she stands well in a trailer and backs out on command. Zimmie has been in many Parades she has been ridden and driven through. She crosses water and down limbs and every thing else you can think of. A very good friend of mine and myself used her as a diving board in our pond many years ago ! ! We would also go mud skying behind her, one would ride the other would hold her tail and away we would go ! I rode her and weighed her at the coop 1-8-09 and she was 1550lbs she is very well built.


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