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Puppy Guarantee
Deposit Agreement & Facts Sheet

It is to be understood - the Buyer agrees to provide good care and a loving environment.





Thank you and congratulations on the purchase/adoption of your new puppy from


We hope you will enjoy many happy years with your new friend. It is our goal to deliver to you the happiest and healthiest puppy possible. With this goal in mind, we offer the following guarantees…  

To validate your guarantee, we REQUIRE that you select, schedule an appointment and visit with a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 48 hours of taking possession of your puppy. If upon examination your vet determines any life threatening, hereditary, any congenital defects or any major health problems with your new puppy, a replacement puppy only, of equal value, will be given provided that THE SMILEYS is notified within 24 hours after the exam.  Said puppy is to be returned to our location within 48 hours of delivery along with all paperwork (AKC,ACA,APRI registration & health records) and with a signed document from 2 (two) non associated licensed veterinarians stating defect or problem at no expense to THE SMILEYS. A puppy of equal value will be given at no expense to THE SMILEYS. However, we may not have a puppy available at the time and you may need to wait until a future litter is available. SMILEYS is not responsible for any veterinarian bills acquired by you, the purchaser/adopter. If the puppy is not taken to a licensed veterinarian within the stated 48 hours from the date of delivery, this guarantee becomes null and void. 

Infectious diseases/parasites are NOT covered by our health agreement as we have no control over what the puppy is exposed to after it leaves our farm ! This includes kennel cough, cancer, mange, allergies, etc. including fleas, mites, or any other intestinal worms/parasites including coccidiosis as they are common in puppies. This all said, our dogs and puppies are not exposed to infectious diseases, rest assured that all preventions are given at THE SMILEY FARM from the appropriate age to departure.

When SMILEYS shipping a puppy to you, we guarantee the health of the puppy when he/she is placed on the transport.  This is guarantee by virtue of the fact that a veterinarian's interstate health certificate is required by law to ship a dog across state lines. Certainly all the animals on the transport have to have an interstate veterinarian health certificate, though we have no control over what the puppy is exposed to while in transit.

Your puppy is guaranteed for 1 year (from date of birth) against life threatening congenital defects making him/her unsuitable as a pet. If within this time frame of a year a life threatening congenital defect (not to include the parvo virus, distemper virus, heartworms or any nutritional related diseases) is attested to by 2 (two) non associated veterinarians and the reason IS congenital, we will replace the puppy with another puppy of the same breed, quality and price IF our veterinarian concurs with the required written reports from the 2 non associated licensed veterinarians. SMILEYS must be notified at the onset of the problem and the written reports must be supplied to THE SMILEYS within 7 (seven) days of reports being signed and dated. THE SMILEY FARM does NOT refund money and replacement puppies will be subject to availability. SMILEYS are NOT responsible for any veterinarian bills acquired by you, the purchaser/adopter.  SMILEYS will not be responsible for any illness or any health problems which are diagnosed after these time frames. Again, if the reason for death is determined to have been an avoidable cause that I as the Breeder was responsible for PRIOR TO delivery of the puppy, you will be due another like puppy from the next available litter, NO refunds of any kind will be given. The death must be related to something that I the Breeder could have avoided – not injury to the puppy after leaving our farm. Pets that are over 12 months of age or spayed / neutered before leaving our home are not covered under our contract and guarantee.


No guarantee is made as to show quality, size, temperament, coat quality or adaptability. We do not replace if your puppy does not 'fit' into your lifestyle or does not get along with other dogs or animals. Nor do we replace for reasons such as moving, housing requirements or your inability to take care of your puppy for any reason.  This said, you as the adopter shall not surrender the puppy to any rescue organization or shelter. If you are unable for any reason during the life of the puppy (DOG) not able to care for it, you shall, without compensation (including shipping charges, if any), return the animal to THE SMILEY FARM, the Breeder. Upon returning to THE SMILEYS, the Adopter shall transfer ownership of the puppy to THE SMILEYS under the registration procedure of AKC,ACA,APRI which ever is the case. We the Breeder are ALWAYS available as a safety net for the lifetime of every puppy we adopt out, no matter what the circumstances or how old the ‘puppy’ may be.  Just call me 620-727-0998 

 When you are purchasing/adopting a puppy from me, I expect that you are committing yourself to the dog’s care for its entire life ! ! ! ! !   

This agreement is valid ONLY for the original purchaser/adopter that purchased the puppy from the SMILEY FARM. If said puppy is transferred to another person this agreement becomes null and void. If the terms and conditions in this agreement have not been met, this agreement becomes null and void.


A deposit of $   250    will hold a puppy for you. 

(Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE)


I guarantee that all information provided regarding this puppy is true and accurate, including all health records of said puppy and/or sire, dam and siblings.  


We hope you enjoy your new family member and always appreciate and enjoy updates and pictures of how our all KIDS are doing. We are always available for any questions or concerns and can be reached at sunshinem4x4@hotmail.com or 620-727-0998 

With all the legal BS Said PLEASE keep in mind that I Marcella Moeckel will try my best to be on top of any problem you might have !   Just make sure to CALL me if you do have any questions or issues !  Raising animals is what I do best in fact that is all that I have done my hole life. Unfortunately for me, their is not much I have not been through with my animals. I do have great vets that have helped me lots through out the years.



 I will try to help out with anything I can with in reason. 


Deposit Agreement With Smiley Farm’s &

Marcella Moeckel 620-727-0998

On this day,_____________________ a deposit agreement of $___________between Marcella Moeckel  and  

 (Buyers Printed Name )_______________________________________________

Total Price Of $__________is made towards the purchase of 

___________________________________________________DOB~                    8Wk~

Micro-Chip # _________________________________________


The puppy will of had _____round of "PAOVO SHOTS"

(Canine Distemper - Adenovirus Type 2 - Parainfluensa - Parvovirus Vaccines) - (NeoPar)                       

Pups will also be de-wormed 3 times and vet checked.  

______________________________________________________Buyer’s Address


                ________________________________________________Buyers Phone #                                                                                     

                _________________________________________________ Buyers Email

_______________________________________________Buyer's Signature

By singing this documednt you are agreein to the terms & agreement posted on the website!

Date ____________________________

_______________________________________ Marcella Moeckel _______________Date

Thanks for the purchase of a new family member !

You can check us out at LifeOnTheSmileyFarm.com AND also Moeckels Menagerie on FaceBook

Hope to see many pictures of you and your new pet !!              You can always call me, Marcella at 620-727-0998

Paypal Deposits MUST be made as to a friend to avoid extra fees, Zelle is also available for deposits. 





Hypoglycemia Facts !! Please Read

Dogs and puppies, particularly toy breeds are prone to problems with low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. This medical issue is fairly easy to prevent—the hard part is telling the difference between a hypoglycemic puppy and a plain old tired dog that has already spent hours on the go. Hypoglycemia can be caused by stress, missing a meal, or being on the go too long without a rest. Symptoms tend to take the form of mild depression at first, but I left untreated can evolve into a coma or worse. Fortunately, hypoglycemia is easy to prevent and you will not hurt your puppy if you are on the side of caution.

Step 1

Make sure your puppy eats 6 meals a day. While most adult dogs only eat twice a day, a puppy—particularly a toy dog—needs more refueling than that. Puppies should eat 6 small meals a day. If your puppy does not want to eat dry food, then consider mixing their dry food with wet food or heating their food slightly before serving it.

Step 2

Puppies easily wear themselves out playing with a new family. Give you puppy a break from playing even if he does not want one. Puppies will play until they drop—literally. Even if your puppy is still trying to entice you to throw a ball just one more time, make sure that he takes a break from playing. This will require you to stop playing with them and may actually necessitate a nap in their crate if they continue to be active by themselves.

Step 3

Carry karo syrup and an eye dropper or Nutri-Stat with you when you are with your puppy. If you puppy begins to act strangely, it may have become hypoglycemic. Symptoms include: glassy eyes, stumbling and slow response time or refusal to get up at all. Use the eye dropper to squeeze some karo syrup into your pet’s mouth or give them Nutri-Stat. A small dog will only need a few drops, while larger animals will need a little more. Ask your vet about the right amount for your dog.

Step 4

Not just a fashion statement for small, shivery dogs… Keep your puppy warm. Toy breeds are easily chilled, especially after baths or while playing outside in cold months. Get your toy dog a coat or sweater to keep them warm when they play outside and wrap them up well when they exit the bath.