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Happy New Owners
We would like to Thank everyone that took the time to send us back Christmas cards ! If you would rather e-mail sunshinem4x4@hotmail.com


Just could not help but to post this !! I am so happy for the Swenson's and the 2 new family members they picked up today ! Best of both worlds a Great Dane and a Chihuahua :-))) 17lb and 2lb HA ha

Thanks you guys and I hope to see lots of Pictures !!!




I am sending you some pictures via snail mail.  I ended up naming her Atti
and her official registered name is Grosjean's Atticus Mae.  She is SOOOO
sweet and we LOVE her!!!  She did spectacular in housebreaking (she only
had a dozen accidents or so... and typically my fault for not letter her
out as soon as she started to sniff around- but now she will wine and ask
to go out.)  It's been getting a little cold here in Maine in the mornings
so I think I'll have to get her a jacket for when she goes out in the
winter, but she seems to enjoy playing with all her dog friends/cousins
here in Maine.  
I hope all is well with you.  I hope your new baby is healthy and I hope
you and your husband are enjoy being parents.
I'll send out pictures of Atti this weekend so hopefully you will get them
next week sometime.  (They are a few weeks old so you can imagine how much
bigger she has gotten already!)  :)
Right now she is 60+ lbs and 27" at the shoulder.... growing gal!


What a beautiful baby you have there! Congratulations!  She's so SHYla is what we named her "shyla". She is great, such a sweet timid personality, she gets along great with 0our harl male Jackson, they are best friends. Do you still have any puppies left? I had more recent pics but our computer crashed and we didnt get all of pics back. I  will take some and send.



We did name our male weim Remington Steele (Remi for short). He is now 2 1/2 years old and weighing in around 70lbs!! He is spoiled rotten but otherwise a great dog. We are hoping to go hunting this next week, provided the weather holds for us. Remi is just loving life, he loves the farm when he visits my family, loves to swim, and, after our 2.5 foot snowfall last year, LOVES snow! He got to travel to Colorado this summer and camped, he had a grand time other than hated the cold nights.



Merlin who lives in Calumet Ok with My Dear Friends The Daughtey's

He has sired 2 litters now !!

His mother  CICI and father Ruger.


The litter of 14 that he sired !!!! And Vicky raised in her LIVING-ROOM !!!

This is Sadie and Teah !  BOTH IN TX









I decided to name my puppy Arlis. He's doing great. I've included some pictures. THANK YOU again!