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Horses For Sale

Here are the horses we have for sale at this time !

   I try very hard to explain each horse the best I can.   It is for your sake and mine, I don't want to waist your time or mine.  Knowing the problem spots is half of the answer. I had to find out the hard way, so why not tell you. If a horse is spooky or cinchy, you will find out at home any way.  They will be how I say they are.

  If you like a horse that I have for sale, call me I will answer any questions you have. If you still like the horse come ride him/her IF YOU STILL LIKE THE HORSE -- OWN THEM ! !   If not, it was just a waist of time, no big deal. Wave on your way out !



This is my Grandparents Clint & June Peacock, in the 1970's with a team of mules that my Papa Clint raised and broke !

I Am a strong believer of ( A WARM HORSE EATS LESS ) most all of our horses have blankets! They don't have to waist energy to stay warm. 

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