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Puppy's for sale !
We Are State Licensed & Inspected As well as Inspected by the AKC. Most all of our Adults are AKC but we only offer Limited AKC or PET only NO papers on most all our puppies.

** If FULL AKC is provided the first 3 Letters on dogs name Must Be  MMM   **

NO IF & OR BUT'S !!! No ONLINE, Mail in ONLY !!  

Last Up Dated 7-18-20 Puppies for sale at bottom of page.

All deposits made are non-refundable!!

Zelle OR PayPal Friends and Family ONLY !!!!


Past Heeler Litter of Cactus and Tuff


Puppies Can Be Microchipped with AKC chips for $25 extra, puppies that are shipped the microchip is included.  

From the time I get a email/call/text from you saying that you are going to place a deposit on a puppy, on this (----) date , I WILL mark them as PENDING and give you 24hr to get me a deposit!               If I do not get it with in 24hr then the puppy will go back up on the PICK LIST !!!!!! I do take Paypal, Zelle or Bank wire for deposits. Remainder is due in CASH at pick up ! 

NO and I Mean NO CHECKS at pick up !!!   


You are always welcome to Fly to (ICT) Wichita Ks and I can meet you at the Airport to pick up your small breed puppy. I only carge $75 dollars to me at airport. Your puppy will have a heath paper. With summer coming on fast it will get very hard to ship !

 Call or drop me an email at (sunshinem4x4@hotmail.com) and we will get you a deposit agreement on the way.  Or to hold a puppy you may place a instant payment through paypal. The puppy and shipping (if needed) must be paid in full before any pup leaves or is shipped.  620-727-0998  Thanks




Its's CRAZY how much Cash has Grown !! Him and his Heeler Pup Buck Summer of 2016 !


 *** We have changed our shipping policy ***

Each puppy will have their own criteria !!!  We are teaming up with our vet and they are helping us decide when they are ready to ship. Each puppy will be evaluated separately. I want to know that my puppies are old enough and strong enough to not stress over the shipping process. I try to find the shortest flights and most direct flight for my babies. If you want to place a deposit on a puppy my PayPal is the same as my email address sunshinem4x4@hotmail.com







All of our puppies will have had at least 1 round of shots and 3 rounds of worming. Puppies also come with next round of Dewormer as well. 

***Past Puppies Below***

LifeOnTheSmileyFarm,  Puppies for sale, AKC Hunting Weimarener, AKC Long Hair Dachshunds, Smooth Coat Mini Dachshunds, Working Red & Blue Heelers Great Danes and Working AKC Great Pyrenees ;)