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The hunters of the Family ! We have 4 Breeding female Weimaraners at this time.

Buggie is AKC and ACA, her mother is Missy Father Buddy.  At about 6mos of age she was already retrieving in the field and working great ! She is the start of our Bloodlines :) She is OFA GOOD



Buggies 10-22-09 Litter with Osten.  ** Isabella was saved back out of this litter. **


Buggies 8-30-10 Litter of 10 ! Sired by VITO !!

Missy had a lot of good litters for us. I did keep one daughter out of her, Buggie so that blood line is still alive. Now we have Isabella out if Buggie and Gunner is out of Isabella so Missy's bloodline just keeps going :)


Her Great Grand Girl Babies out of Isbella & Remingtions 6-14-11 litter. 





Vito OFA Good ! Great hunter and father to Sasha and Sophia.








My Little Boy is Growing UP !!  This is Cash Dean at the pond with Gunner, Isabella, Annie, Katie, Bella, Reno and Remington  2013



 Sasha :) OFA GOOD






BELOW : Moose (Blue) Buggie (Silver)

He is the son of Ida and Osten he is almost 7months old now and is at 65lb Tood took him hunting this season and he did great. He was trying to retrieve with his old dog Buddie ever bird.  

Moose and Buggie !







Buddie in D-Days Water tank !  And He got Caught ! 2006 

Buggie and one of her pups.



Ida Mae at last vet visit 4-19-10 and she was 92lb !!!! Vet said that she needed a Diet !!


Katie at last vet visit 72lb 4-19-10 and had 6 week old puppies on her !  Just chilling with Cash waiting on pizza !!!


This is Hunter he is the Son of Ava and Gunner 2014 litter. 

2010 Hunting !!! ** BUDDY ** BUGGIE ** ISABELLA **

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